Symposium in Bio-Neuroscientific Approaches of life in space and extreme environments

Organizers: Dr. Christos A. Frantzidis, Dr. Chrysoula Kourtidou-Papadeli, Dr. Ivana Rosenzweig

  Symposium in Novel therapies for patients with schizophrenia: neurofeedback and neurostimulation

Chair: Dr. Stefanie Enriquez-Geppert
Co-Chair: Prof. André Aleman

  Symposium in Neurosciences and Music

Chair: Prof. Stefan Koelsch

  Symposium in fMRI and NIRS Neurofeedback

Chair: Prof. Katya Rubia

  Symposium in Cognition and Driving Behavior in Neurodegenerative Disorders

Chair: Prof. Sokratis Papageorgiou

  Symposium in Epilepsy and Sleep

Chair: Dr. Vahe Poghosyan

  Symposium in Neuroscience of Addiction and Smoking Cessation – the SmokeFreeBrain Consortium

Chairs: Prof. Panos Bamidis, Dr Alexis Bailey