Hands-on Workshop in Individualized neurofeedback

Organizer: Olga Bazanova

The workshop aim is to examine the evidence for using electroencephalographic (EEG) biofeedback, or neurofeedback (NFT), based on individually determined frequency ranges to enhance performance, identifying a possible rationale for such training whilst highlighting some suggestions for future research. Previously we had found that NFT applied in order to increase or decrease power of individual EEG frequency ranges is more efficient than NFT of standard EEG frequency ranges (Bazanova and Aftanas, 2008; 2010). However, designing an optimal NFT paradigm remains difficult because a number of methodological factors that may influence the outcome of such training remain largely unexplored. Workshop will start with presentation "What is Individualized Neurofeedback?" by Olga M.Bazanova. Then workshop focuses on these methodological factors in an attempt to highlight some of the unanswered questions and stimulate future research. Therefore, we welcome studies that deal with the following topics:

  • individuality and Neurofeedback. Elena Sapina will introduce the comparison data NFT conducted with feedback from the power of standard and individually defined frequency bands in ADHD children.
  • the establishment of a target frequency range for alpha NFT; 
  • whether NFT should be conducted with eyes open or closed; 
  • the identification of a clear index of learning;
  • EMG contamination role in NFT efficiency;
  • the instructional recommendations role in the NFT efficiency?
  • How hormonal cycled conditions influence the NFT efficiency? Ekaterina Nikolenko will talk about dependence of NFT efficiency on women’s menstrual cycle
Specifically, this workshop examines and demonstrates the NFT training schedule; the variety, basis, and setting of reward thresholds, the establishment of a target frequency range of EEG . Throughout, the workshop provides a number of suggestions and possible directions for future research.

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