Hands-on Workshop in Mind and Body Training against cognitive decline - the LLM Care approach

Organizer: Prof. Panagiotis Bamidis

The workshop aims at training participants on the Social Health Care System called LLM Care by providing sufficient hands-on experience as well as theoretical background. The workshop will present real examples of the LLM Care ecosystem that will allow participants to think of different business opportunities while building appropriate knowledge and capacity in the field of “Assisted Living Technologies” and Active and Health Ageing as promoted by physical and cognitive exergamming activity/interventions.
The first part of the workshop will include presentations regarding the new results of a landmark study called ACTIVE that showed cognitive benefits of speed training which cut the long-term risk of dementia nearly in half. Moreover, presentations regarding the scientific results of the LLM interventions (Long Lasting Memories Project) will be presented; these provide evidence for significant improvements in the cognitive performance and status of the involved participants. The combination of computerized physical and cognitive training has also demonstrated neuroplastic effects which seem protective against age-related cognitive decline.
In the last part of the workshop the participants will have hands-on training at the Cognitive as well as the Physical Training software systems with the assistance of suitably trained facilitators with strong expertise in working with seniors with the use of new technology.

Speakers and Topics:

  1. Panagiotis Bamidis and Sokratis Papageorgiou: Active and health ageing: a societal challenge defeated by technology ? The LLM Care approach
  2. Henry Mancke: The ACTIVE study and cognitive training by BrainHQ 
  3. Christos Frantzidis: Brain region synchronisations following brain and body training
  4. Evangelia Romanopoulou: Hands-on training on the BrainHQ cognitive training facility
  5. Vasiliki Zilidou: Hands-on training on the WebFitForAll physical training facility
  6. Evangelia Romanopoulou, Pavlos Sarafis: The LLM Care Ecosystem and its business opportunities - practical focus group
Attendance Fee: 80€

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