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Monday, 17 February 2014 16:23


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My thanks to all those who participated in SAN2014 in Utrecht making it an exceptionally strong scientific occasion. This built on the successes of the previous meetings held in Thessaloniki, Seville, Swansea, Istanbul and a Dubrovnik workshop. Following the tradition of meeting with other organisations, in Utrecht SAN met with The Netherlands National Initiative Brain and Cognition. This contributed greatly to the success of the occasion.

Previous meetings had been held in collaboration with the EU COST B27 initiative Electrical Neuronal Oscillations & Cognition, and in case of SAN2011 with the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki and the South-East European Research Centre, and participating Greek Societies including the Hellenic Societies of Neuroscience, of Biomedical Engineering, and of Neurophysiology, and the Psychological Society of Northern Greece.
The conference dinner was held in the exhibition centre alongside a NASA exhibition, and the space theme was extended with a presentation of Professor Guy Chevron's research on weightlessness involving a Dutch astronaut.
At the dinner Mrs Corinne Evens of the Evens Foundation and Professor Patrick Cras, the chairman of the jury, presented the award of the Foundation's 2013 scientific challenge: 'the neuroscience of empathy' - to the submission by Gruzelier, Sadler, Ros and Klimecki. The research will examine the effect of alpha desynchronisation feedback on an empathic concern task in an fMRI scanner.
While the submissions did not match the number in Greece, in Utrecht attendance increased by 50% to reach around 300 attendees, and the growing strength of the submissions reflected the exponential increase in publications in the field since Thessaloniki, especially research on neurofeedback.
The notable increase in young scientists in the field, that was seen in the attendance at SAN2013 in Thessaloniki, was complemented in Utrecht by empirical studies showing their keen awareness of key issues in cognitive neuroscience, which are necessary to advance the field.
The meeting also saw a welcome increase in the number of scientists willing to put their shoulders to the wheel and support the running of the Society, which has fallen on just a small band of dedicated scientists and practitioners up until now. There are currently quite a wealth of new initiatives that are under consideration to broaden the reach of the Society and its structure. These will be the subject of a Newsletter in forthcoming weeks. There is likely to be a return to warmer Mediterranean shores for the next SAN meeting, tentatively scheduled for September, 2015.
In conclusion special thanks to Martijn Arns, the conference-organiser-in-chief, assisted by Leon Kenemans for the NIBC, and Panos Bamidis, Soren Andersen and Manos Klados for SAN, and to the various organising committees.

John Gruzelier
President, Society of Applied Neuroscience


Tuesday, 16 October 2012 06:14

SAN Special Issues in Scientific Journals.

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Following the two open meetings at SAN 2011, Thessaloniki, five special issues in neuroscience journals were initiated.

Journal of Neural Engineering.


The first on BCI, based around the workshop organised by Matthias Treder was published online in August in the Journal of Neural Engineering, volume 9, number 4 with 12 manuscripts.

M.S.Treder, 2012, Special section on Gaze-independent Brain-Computer Interface. J Neural Engineering. doi: 10.1088/1741-2560/9/4/040201.

Neuroscience & Biobehavioural Reviews.


The second is in progress with Neuroscience and Biobehavioural Reviews guest co-edited by John Gruzelier, Fabio Babiloni, Dirk de Ridder, Panos Bamidis.  This encompasses theoretical and review contributions with 16 submissions.

Biological Psychology.


A third has been invited by Biological Psychology as a themed issue on Neurofeedback with guest co-editors John Gruzelier and Geert van Boxtel. 18 empirical contributions and commentaries are under review or are to be submitted.

International Journal of Psychophysiology.


A double issue on Applied Neuroscience is underway with the International Journal of Psychophysiology structured around Psychobiology with John Gruzelier, Tomas Ros, Miriam Reiner as guest co-editors and 17 submissions, and structured around Development and Pathology with John Gruzelier, Lynda Pagani and Panos Bamidis as guest co-editors and with  15 submissions.

In the four Elsevier special issues in progress articles are published online on the journal websites following acceptance and ahead of publication of the special issues.
Monday, 14 May 2012 06:15

23rd Hungarian Hypnosis Meeting

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Preliminary Program of the 23rd Hungarian Hypnosis Meeting

(May 18-20, 2012)

Main theme: Physical-mental immunity and hypnosis

Monday, 14 November 2011 19:05


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Thanks to all those who participated in various ways, around 200, to make the Society’s third biennial meeting such a splendid occasion. “It was the smoothest running meeting ever attended”, so many said, a fitting accolade to our Greek hosts to whom we express heartfelt thanks. Their warmth infected both the scientific and social programmes which garnered a response of steady commitment (despite touristic temptations) and enthusiasm from participants.  The quality of the science and discussion was both constructive and impressive, as was the calibre of the young scientists (and historians of science), who are the future of our field.
The meeting was important in many ways for the development of the Society. This was the first meeting where the vision of a full breadth of Applied Neuroscience was fulfilled. The 167 presentations allowed 3 tracks:- practitioner, cognitive/affective neuroscience, methodology and basic neuroscience, together with a mixed-theme poster session which ran throughout the conference. Then the previous biennial meetings :- Swansea 2006, Seville 2008, and the training workshop in Dubrovnik 2009 – had been  held in collaboration with the EU COST action B27 Electric Neuronal Oscillations & Cognition (ENOC), which funded a sizeable proportion of attendees. This was the first meeting without such support.
Two open sessions were called on the question of the promotion of our field, the second by popular request. A summary of the initiatives will be reported on the website separately, as will a summary of the Future Directions panel with which the conference ended, and which had finally to be brought to a conclusion having run for an extra hour and having taken up the lunch break, three hours in all. Again contributions and commitment were impressive.
Many initiatives are already underway to include Special Journal Issues, while all abstracts are with Elsevier for publication in Neuroscience Letters. The editors of the Journal of Neurotherapy will also publish abstracts of the Keynote and Invited presentations along with a small selection of oral and poster presentations.
Discussions are ongoing about the 2013 meeting  as well as possible extended symposia in 2012. Under consideration are further collaborative links with other societies, new website plans, while a new website format has already jumped the gun – please note that this website is a work in progress. Nominations for a restructured and extended Council will be circulated in the forthcoming months.
Thanks must also be extended for the emailed expressions of gratitude afterwards, uncustomary when facing the plethora of demands back on one’s home patch.  But to return to Greece, and when might we return (?!!), again our sincere thanks, and concern for a speedy resolution to the current Greek socio-economic tribulations.
John Gruzelier
Conference's website: www.san2011.org
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