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A 4-year award from the Economic  & Social Research Council (ESRC) to support PhD studies of Helen Brinson on neurofeedback and stroke, supervised by Karina Linnell and John Gruzelier.


3-year National Endowment for Science, Technology &  Arts (NESTA) award is underway in collaboration with Trinity College of Music to apply neurofeedback to novice musicians of all ages.

3-year EU FP6 Presenccia project has begun to apply neurofeedback, self-hypnosis and virtual reality to Creative Presence States. Collaborating institutions include Laban Contemporary Dance.


Wednesday, 26 July 2006 09:46

Nature Web Focus: Brain-Machine Interfaces

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"Brain-machine interfaces promise to aid paralyzed patients by re-routing movement-related signals around damaged parts of the nervous system. A new study in Nature demonstrates a human with spinal injury manipulating a screen cursor and robotic devices by thought alone. Implanted electrodes in his motor cortex recorded neural activity, and translated it into movement commands. A second study, in monkeys, shows that brain-machine interfaces can operate at high speed, greatly increasing their clinical potential. This Nature Web Focus includes exclusive interviews and video footage of experiments, alongside papers that paved the way for these recent advances."


Saturday, 11 March 2006 16:00

Advanced 5-day course in qEEG, Neurofeedback and WinEEG

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Application of EEG spectral analysis, event-related potentials and event-related desynchronization for assessment brain functions and for constructing individually tailored protocols of neurotherapy with the Mitsar/WinEEG

(neurofeedback, transcranial direct current stimulation and others stimulation techniques).

Friday, 09 December 2005 00:00

Open-ViBE research project awarded a 3-year grant

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The Open-ViBE research project - presented at the SAN Turkey Symposium chaired by Dr. Marco Congedo - was awarded a 3-year grant by the French National Agency of Research.

Saturday, 10 December 2005 14:15

Dr. Ute Strehl awarded Kramer-Pollnow-Preis 2005

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Dr. Ute Strehl and Dr. Hartmut Heinrich have been awarded the 2005 Kramer-Pollnow Award for their research contribution on neurofeedback and ADHD.

Tuesday, 22 November 2005 03:10


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Responsibilities of Authors

Open schedule

By submitting, authors agree to be scheduled at any time during the conference. Due to the volume of submissions, requests for specific timing of presentations cannot be considered.

Firm commitment to attend

A submission constitutes a firm commitment to attend and participate if the submission is accepted. Withdrawals are strongly discouraged; if, however, a submission must be withdrawn, please notify the Programme Chair as soon as possible.

General Submission Guidelines

Authors are kindly requested to be certain that their abstracts meet the criteria and guidelines below:

  • Abstracts should not exceed 300 words (not including author information and title).
  • You should prepare your abstract in advance before filling out the Abstract Submission Form. The prepared abstract can be copied and pasted into the boxes provided on the form, or retyped into the form.
  • Only basic ASCII characters can be used. Please use only PLAIN TEXT. No formatting (bold, underline, italics) will transfer, so you should not use any such formatting. Do not include figures, formulae or special characters.
  • All abstracts must be submitted in English.
  • The abstract should consist of four basic statements labeled Background, Methods, Results, and Conclusions. These should briefly describe the problem being addressed in the study, how the study was performed, the salient results, and what the authors conclude from the results.
  • Abstracts should be submitted electronically through the Abstract Submission Form. Your abstract will be automatically forwarded to the Programme Chair.

Abstract Submission Form Instructions

Please note that fields marked with * are required in order for us to be able to process your submission.


Please capitalize all words except for short connectives.

Corresponding Author/Co-Authors

Type first name, last name, primary academic degree (do not include self designated degrees such as CPA, CLU, BCIA), followed directly by number corresponding to the proper affiliation in brackets.


Please number the affiliations, if authors have more than one affiliation. The number corresponding to the proper affiliation should be included after each author’s name in brackets.

John Gruzelier, PhD (1), Juri Kropotov, PhD (2)

(1) Imperial College London, UK
(2) Institute of the Human Brain, Russian Academy of Sciences, Russia


Please add country code/city to your phone and fax numbers.

Make sure that you have entered complete and correct information in all fields, and then click "Submit."

Abstract Submission Form

To be made available soon 


Tuesday, 01 November 2005 11:34

SAN Symposia on the Bosphorus

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More than 100 attendees - including COST participants - met in Istanbul for the 2005 Turkey Training Courses, Workshops and Symposia, held from 29th August to 2nd September on the Bosphurus.

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