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Tuesday, 01 November 2005 00:00

Welcome to SAN! Featured

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The Society of Applied Neuroscience (SAN) seeks to advance neuroscientific knowledge and its innovative applications empowering both scientists and practitioners in serving the public by optimising self-regulatory brain function.

SAN Aims

  • Advancing integrative neuroscience, including novel applications such as neurofeedback (EEG, fMRI, NIRS), autonomic nervous system biofeedback, neuro-rehabilitation, brain-computer interface (BCI), transcranial magnetic stimulation (rTMS), virtual reality feedback, vagus nerve stimulation, electro-cranial stimulaton, audio-visual stimulation, etc.
  • Fostering education in applied neuroscientific techniques
  • Enhancing integrative practice in clinical treatment, education and optimal performance
  • Promoting evidence-based practice to optimise functions in both health and disease
  • Increasing public knowledge of neuroscientific applications

SAN Functions

  • Organising annual scientific meetings
  • Providing University accredited training courses on clinical, educational and optimal performance training
  • Developing European standards of practice
  • Supporting scientific research in applied neuroscience
  • Seeking affiliation and membership concessions with like-minded societies
  • Facilitating communication among scientists and practitioners
  • Publishing an international scientific journal






We welcome all those who share this vision of integrative neuroscience utilising the scientist-practitioner model.

Whilst originating in Europe, SAN welcomes international members with interests in all fields of applied neuroscience.


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